Engraved Champagn Wedding Flute Glass Set

Engraved Champaign Wedding Flute Glass Set

Charming and attractive, this champagne flute wedding set is calling the shots on our splendid champagne wedding set!


The perfect accessory for the glamorous bride!

We elegantly personalize each glass with the bride and groom’s first names and the wedding date to create a personalized wedding memento that will be enjoyed on their special day and for all the anniversaries to follow!


The classic beauty of this stunning flute set brings just the right amount of dazzle to your wedding celebration.

Set of 4 wedding glasses flutes

4 Customized 6.5 ounce Flute Champaign Wedding Glasses Personalized with your choice of wedding image, text style, and color.

Save $5 on each additional package when template costs are remo

Engraved Champaign Wedding Flute Glass Set


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