Why you need to try out high quality cake topper

Why you need to try out high quality cake topper
Looking for some great gift ideas?  Are you a business looking for innovated and affordable promotional products?  Look no further, we have the top of the line high quality cake topper for 2013!!
One of the best things about these products is that they are durable, dishwasher safe and make great gifts and promotional products. With our wholesale glassware prices, we are able to offer unbelievable specials on custom prints like these adorable affordable glass sets!
high quality cake topper

I loved the shot glasses!!! They are a little bigger than the picture shows but they are perfect. I bought them for my nephew’s wedding and his bride to be is a more plan girl and they both loved them because they were simple but nice. I would just suggest if possible have a more variety of color and if there is anyway you guys can provide a picture of all the different choices you provide. Then another suggestion is to be able to send (either email or fax) a copy of the set up for approval before actually making them and shipping them out. Because I would of love to have it in color but didn’t want to pick the color I thought was close to their color and it be wrong.! When the bride and groom said they wanted shot glasses filled with candy for their wedding favors, I wasn’t sure. I received all 175 shot glasses I ordered on time, with no breakage, and they look wonderful. The bride and groom are thrilled! My only complaint is that there were not enough monogram choices. I wish we could have gotten closer to matching the monogram of the new couple that was on the invitations and cake. Otherwise, excellent!! Virgil Tiara

Top 8 reasons people say they use high quality cake topper

  1. Bachelorette Party – let your friends remember the big day and make it one wild and crazy party!
  2. Special events – commemorate special events and dates with these custom products and designs!
  3. Vending – If you are a vendor looking for some new products with great profit margins, why not give customized products a try!
  4. Anniversaries
  5. Holiday gifts
  6. Christmas
  7. Sporting events
  8. engagements

Check out these other great sites for customization wedding and vending packages With Prime Time Print custom shot glasses, you can get our great prices and their great services all in one! With Vintage VHS; you can get your wedding footage converted into a high quality dvd with menu! We have a complete package offer this month; custom shot glasses from us, customization from Prime Time Print, and they do an amazing job at creating DVDs of weddings and special events.

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