Tips on Glass Etching yourself

Tips on Glass Etching yourself

Glass etching has so many uses, and is perfect for weddings and special events.

We have a new idea for your etching needs; try etching with PNP Blue Transfer paper as a resist agent.  PNP Blue Transfer Paper are used for many uses including etching jewelry and glassware.  We have tried this and found that you will want to use this option to save time and still maintaining the high quality you are searching for.


You probably won’t believe it, but glass etching is not that hard.  use these tips and tutorials to get the most out of it, with ease of use.  You can try our transfer method for images to get vintage and artistic personalized glass items.


Glass Etching – Prime Time Print Tutorial

Start out by gathering all the supplies you need.


Glass – We have many wholesale glass items at unbeatable prices for all printing and etching endeavors.


Design – Select a design you would like to use.


Windex – Clean up the glass surface. (it does not need to be windex but any cleaner for glass that you prefer


Contact Paper – Clear or plain, white works best. You can also make simple stripes using masking tape, etc.


Carbon Paper – this is for tracing your pattern onto the contact paper.


Utility Knife or razorblade – To cut your pattern out of the contact paper.


Glass Etching Cream – We offer three quantity jars of this hard to find glass etching cream!


Foam Brush – Used to apply etching creme. Might also be able to use paper towels. Read the manufacturer’s suggestion for your etching creme to see what is suitable.


Tips on Glass Etching yourself

Latex Gloves – To protect your hands from the acid in the etching creme. it is also a good idea to wear eye protection and a long sleeve shirt.


Now you’re ready to start Glass Etching!

via Learn how to Glass etch from Prime Time Print’s blog.

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